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Bryce Boepple - Journal Entry 4/26/2018

4/26/2018             Writing retroactively for the 24 th and 25 th in my entry today. I didn’t need to focus so much on my homework the past 2 days due to having gotten so much done over the weekend. I did however begin running over those two days. On the 24 th I ran about 5 miles in total between two different sessions. My runs were a bit slow but I have no doubt that I’ll fix that in time for the race. 8 days until the Montana Spartan Race. I’m going to start PSMF (Protein sparing modified fast) for these two weeks prior to the race to cut down in weight a bit.             Today my gym session was as follows: ·        Bench Press 5x5 @ 225 ·        OHP 3x8 @ 135 ·        Incline dumb bell press 3x12 @ 65 ·        Dips 3x12 ·        Chest flyes 3x12 ·        Cardio – 2 rounds on the heavy bag and 30 burpees, 5-minute cooldown on bike Excited to travel back home to Killdeer, North Dakota for a while this weekend. I am planning on going hiking and if I find tim

Bryce Boepple Journal - 4/22/2018

4/22/2018         I managed to get a lot done today. I went to the library around 1:30 and started my marathon of homework. I ended up coming home at one point to meet with someone concerning the sale of my sofa. It’s not sold yet, but the potential buyer says he should be able to swing by and pick it up by Wednesday. On that note, someone committed to purchasing my guitar as well. After I met with the individual concerning my couch, I headed back to the library. I managed to write up to 10 pages on my Bitcoin Research paper, and I completed three MIS assignments. I always kick myself come finals time for not having this level of productivity year-round. Someday I’ll find my method of coping with the wintertime slump. In any case, if I keep this productivity up, I’ll be set for finals, and be ready for summer without too much stress.             Today was a rest day in my gym routine but I left the library early because of getting so much done that I had time to sneak a quick c

Bryce Boepple Journal - 4/21/2018

4/21/2018             Only writing a short entry for tonight. The weather was great today. Hovered around mid 60’s all day it seems. I worked on my paper at the library for a while and then later walked to the science building due to it being open 24/7. Many people had small yard parties all over town which was nice to see. Lots of people were out enjoying the nice weather. Did not go to the gym today to save time for homework. Made fairly good progress on my bitcoin research paper. I wrote about 2 and a half pages today within a few hours. I should have 5 or so by tomorrow, hopefully finishing by Monday or Tuesday. After that I’ll wrap up any assignments that are left, and then it’s the home stretch toward finals week.

Bryce Boepple Journal - 4/20/18

4/20/2018 Short entry for tonight. I am going to begin working on my bitcoin research project for class tonight and pick up again tomorrow. The stress of final exams being around the corner is ramping up. I will have to commit to going to the library and working for a few hours to ensure that I am being productive with me time. Enjoyed a more relaxed Friday today, although I refrained from the popular custom that typically accompanies this day. I am more than okay to stick with my coffee only. Gym routine today was as follows: 1.      Overhead (Military) press heavy singles up to 205 lbs, and then 5x5 at 135 lbs. 2.      Bench Press 3x8 175 lbs 3.      Incline dumb bell press 3x12 55 lbs 4.      Tricep pulldowns 2x8 57.5 lbs 5.      Cardio – 30 Burpees/tire flips and then 5 minutes max incline treadmill cool down Took a video of the OHP as it is a personal best for me. Put it on Instagram here and tagged #legiogloria, glad to be a part of that community. I ha

Bryce Boepple Journal entry - 4/18/2018

4/18/2018 Short entry for tonight. Had lunch with some career professionals today at the Old Broadway which was excellent. Came home and cleaned and did homework. Went to the gym for a quick leg workout with some cardio at the end. Didn’t go too heavy since my diet has been lacking lately. I am up to 335 for my squats and I’ll probably resume the heavier weights again next week. The workout this evening was as follows: ·        3x5 squat 225 lbs ·        3x12 Leg Press 225 lbs ·        3x12 Hamstring curls 50 lbs ·        Cardio – 30 Burpees Still needing to incorporate some distance/endurance style running into my regimen here before it’s too late. The upcoming Spartan Race is going to be a tough event if I find myself unprepared for all the running. I’m not too worried about any of the obstacles, except for the spear throw of course.

Bryce Boepple journal - 4/17/2018

4/17/2018 I decided today to commit to writing daily. This is going to be a modest blog, and isn’t some cry for attention. I’m starting this blog to keep myself accountable to my goals, potentially connect with others, and overall to document various aspects of my life such as my training, my career, my travels and so forth. Today, I also committed to running my second Spartan Race. The race I signed up for today is the same Spartan race in Montana that I ran last year that I documented in my first Linkedin article which can be found here . I tweeted my registration confirmation to the official Spartan Racing twitter page and was happy to see that they liked it . Small wins. As I saw the screen confirming that I was indeed registered, a wave of different feelings hit me. On the one hand I was overwhelmed with excitement because I had a blast the last time I raced, however, I was also hit by a wave of anxiety as I asked myself whether I am physically and mentally ready for ano

My first Spartan Race and why I think Obstacle Course Races are great

My first Spartan Race and why I think Obstacle Course Races are great             On the weekend of May 13 th , 2017, I participated in my first ever obstacle course race, and more specifically, my first ever spartan race. The Spartan race that I attended took place in the beautiful Glacier Park in Montana. Spartan races are known for being tough, muddy, and uncomfortable ordeals. Joe De Sena characterizes the ideal Spartan obstacle course racer as someone who possesses grit, endurance, and is physically fit. De Sena, the founder of Spartan Racing, defines grit as a sort of mental toughness one acquires by purposely placing oneself in uncomfortable situations, like a Spartan Race. De Sena can be quoted as saying, “No adversity has been confronted and handled because everything came fast and easy. When adversity does arrive, and it always does, someone who has never encountered it before will have no clue what to do in response.” De Sena argues that by placing oneself in uncom