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5 Reasons You Should Consider Moving to North Dakota

North Dakota may be considered a fly-over state, but is the title deserved? Let’s find out. Great small Business environment. North Dakota has a booming small business environment. Fargo, North Dakota is routinely voted as  one of the best places to start a business  by While much of the economic success can be attributed to the Bakken shale formation in the western portion of the state, there are areas in North Dakota such as Fargo that are proving the state is more than just a frack zone. Businesses in the down town areas of the more populous cities of North Dakota including Bismarck, Fargo, Minot, and Grand Forks are all boasting great success as these areas are renovated and brought back to life. Fargo, thanks to companies like the  Kilbourne Group , has undergone a major revitalization, and business in the downtown area has been booming. Fargo, North Dakota downtown The Fargo metro area has had solid job growth for the past 5 years at 1.8% annually, and u

Spartan race in Montana, finals week and big changes!

Spartan race in Montana, finals week and big changes!                I finally got back home from western Montana where I ran the Bigfork, Montana Spartan beast. The race was the first of the Spartan mountain series. The race was 13 miles with over 30 obstacles and was no easy task! I ran the race in about 4 hours and 30 minutes. I can safely say that the #SpartanMontana pushed me to my limits. About 8 miles into the race I started experiencing crazy leg cramps from all the uphill running. I don’t think I took care to hydrate properly before the race. I am psyched for the next one, because I am ready to improve on this years’ time.             The drive to the race itself was no easy task either. I began the long trek from Fargo, North Dakota to Kalispell, Montana at around 2:00pm on Thursday, the 3 rd . I picked up my cousin and we drove all through the night until about 6am. Once we were finally in our hotel room, we crashed and slept until around noon that day. W

Bryce Boepple Journal – 5/1/2018

Bryce Boepple Journal – 5/1/2018             I had a great weekend going back home to Killdeer, North Dakota from Fargo this weekend. I saw my family and my dog, as well as many people from town. I went hiking, and in total I probably covered over 7 miles. Hopefully the hiking will prepare my joints and muscles for my upcoming Spartan race that is only 5 days away. While hiking, a massive thunderstorm ended up rolling through and I had to book it out of the badlands quickly before being overtaken by the storm. I took shelter under a rock that jutted out of a butte until the rain calmed down and the intense lightning passed. The hiking trip was a crazy, survivor-esque experience that time around. Hiking in the Badlands by Medora, North Dakota The Spartan Race will take place in Glacier Park, Montana, around the Whitefish/Kalispell area. I am still super excited, albeit a bit anxious. I do not think I am as prepared for the race as I was last year. Despite not being as prepared